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  • Marea Shanghai- Coming early 2018

    Acclaimed Restaurant Group Will Bring Michelin-Starred Concept To Plaza 66 Complex

  • America's Best Food Invades London

    Fans of American food in London have it better than ever, and it just may be that the best is yet to come.

  • Business Insider: NYC Power Dining has been Transformed, and an ex-Merrill Lynch Exec is the Mastermind

    CEO Ahmass Fakahany, Arthur Li, Jonna Gerlich, and Rocky Cirino are all featured in a Business Insider profile of AMG and the opening of Vaucluse. 

  • Nation's Restaurant News: MUFSO Melman Award Panel Promises to Serve Insights, Inspirations.

    Nation's Restaurant News reports on AMG CEO Ahmass Fakahany and Chef Miachael White's Richard Melman Award.

  • Financial Times: Michael White: The US Chef Who Expanded His Business

    Midwesterner who specialises in Italian cuisine talks about his New York restaurants, his tattoos and his shrinking waistline

  • A Change in the Kitchen: The New York Times

    A wave of female chefs like Lauren DeSteno is rising through the culinary ranks. More than ever, women fill the jobs that will produce the next generation of restaurant leaders

  • GQ: Chef Michael White's Perfect Late-Night Pasta

    Chef White shares his late night Carbonara recipe with GQ.

  • Nation's Restaurant News: Menu Economics: Building a Profitable Beverage Program

    AMG CEO Ahmass Fakahany talks with Nation's Restuarant News about building a successful beverage program. 

  • Restaurant Hospitality: Michael White, Ahmass Fakahany Capture 2015 Richard Melman Award

    Restaurant Hospitality features AMG CEO Ahmass Fakahany and Chef Michael White on their win for the Richard Melman Innovator of the Award. 

  • Connecting with the Client: LEADERS Magazine

    An Interview with Ahmass Fakahany, Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Altamarea Group

  • Nation's Restaurant News: Ahmass Fakahany on Leveraging Financial Acumen in Restaurants

    AMG CEO Ahmass Fakahany also shares how he leveraged his background in finance to build AMG with Nation's Restaurant News. 

  • NECO: Congratulations to the 2015 Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipients!

    Congrats to AMG CEO Ahmass Fakahany on being named on the  NECO - National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations 2015 Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipients!

  • Q&A Ahmass Fakahany & Chef Michael White: Total Food Service
  • Food & Drink International: Altamarea Group

    AMG CEO Ahmass Fakahany is profiled by Food & Drink International. 

  • Time Out Hong Kong: Hong Kong's Best...Fresh Pasta

    Time Out Hong Kong includes Al Molo among best fresh pasta in the city. 

  • Modern Luxury Manhattan: Third Degree With...

    Chef White is proflled in Manhattan Magazine.

  • Chef Michael White's restaurant empire continues to expand globally: NY Daily News

    As his new cookbook ‘Classico e Moderno’ comes out, White is adding to his six Manhattan restaurants with outposts in Washington, D.C., Istanbul and elsewhere

  • The Drive: Driving (and Eating) with Chef Michael White in a Lamborghini Huracán

    Chef White got to take a Lamborghini Huracán for a test drive upstate for the new Time, Inc publication The Drive. 

  • Bon Appétit: Learn How to Make Two-Ingredient Pasta from Scratch with Michael White

    Chef White shares how to make fresh pasta at home with Bon Appétit Magazine. 

  • Italian Christmas dishes: Chef Michael White makes mushroom pasta, steak on the TODAY Show

    Chef White makes two festive dishes for a Christmas feast on The Today Show

  • A Recipe for Success: Industry Magazine

    Ahmass and I now approach everything with a lot of thought and focus on the client fully in every decision,” Chef White noted. In keeping with this focus on client relationships, the group is committed to the neighborhoods they operate in.

  • Thrillist: The Surprising Origins of 15 Italian-American Dishes

    Thrillist shares a piece from Chef White on the Americanization of Italish dishes. 

  • Restaurant Hospitality's Top 25 Brands in 2014: Altamarea Group

    Altamarea has a secret weapon—Ahmass Fakahany, a former Merill Lynch financial genius who retired to bring a Wall Street sensibility to running restaurants.

  • Munchies: Bookmark This Sandwich for the Next Time You're Starving at 2AM

    Chef White shares how to make the perfect late night sandwich with Munchies. 

  • Food & Wine: 2014 Sommeliers of the Year

    Altamarea Group's Hristo Zisovski is named one of Food & Wine Magazine's Sommeliers of the Year: 2014. 

  • Food & Wine: 2013 Best New Chefs

    Altamarea Group Executive Pastry Chef Bob Truitt is named one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs 2013. 

  • Frank Bruni on Italian Food: Charlie Rose

    Guest host Frank Bruni discusses Italian food with Michael White, chef-owner of the New York-based Altamarea Group; Mario Carbone, chef-owner of Torrisi Italian Specialties, Parm and the brand-new Carbone; and Kate Krader of Food & Wine Magazine.

  • Top Banker Says Being a Restaurateur is Better: Bloomberg TV

    Where do you go after a senior position at Merrill Lynch? How about the restaurant business? Bloomberg's Jessica Howard reports on the banking top dog who left it all behind - from an interview by Bloomberg's Chief Food Critic, Richard Vines. 

  • Michael White spreads his wings: DuJour Magazine

    With the opening of The Butterfly, the chef Michael White and partner Ahmass Fakahany add a supper club to their ever-expanding empire.

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